About me

I’ve been living in Scotland (Aberdeen) for some time. In addition to work, during the day I admire the beauty of this country and its distilleries, and spend evenings in pubs, at open music sessions with folk hobbyists and music lovers.

(Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery)
(The Perthshire Amber Festival 2019, me on the left side)

They are a great opportunity to get to know the local culture, meet local musicians and learn the game and traditional melodies from them.

(The Perthshire Amber Festival 2019)

For many years I have been playing flutes from different parts of the world, but for some time my passion has been whistle and the atmosphere of Celtic traditional songs and melodies.

(The Perthshire Amber Festival 2019)

As an improvising accompanist (side man) I have to be prepared “for everything” so my bag looks like this:

(my whistles)
Whistles and my simple keyless system flute

Due to the fact that whistle is not always a good accompaniment, I keep harmonium in the back:


The pandemic of 2020 has stopped everything, however it has shown that it is possible to play with anyone and anywhere in the world via Internet, however I miss playing live in pubs …

Now you can try to listening something from me…