What is a session?

There is no strict definition of a „session”. They are essentially dynamic and organic informal music and social events. They provide an opportunity for traditional musicians and singers to swap ideas, to learn new tunes and songs, to blether, to play and sing together, and to welcome other musicians, singers and all into the fold.

Sessions are inclusive they do not have „artists and audience”, everyone is a participant. Sessions are not concerts or „gigs” (which are usually formal and amplified performances). A session is not a performance; it is a social event with music and song in which everyone can participate. Sessions give visitors to Scotland an authentic experience of Scotlands indigenous musical culture.

Source: Folk music sessions | Bankfoot Inn, Perthshire Hotel

Whistle Key Chart

Na sesjach można usłyszeć nie raz usłyszeć, że można nie znać tytułu granego utwory, ale tonację trzeba ;). Whistle (diatoniczny sześcio-otworowy flażolet) to prosty instrument, jednak na każdym można zagrać w kilku tonacjach. Standardowo na D, bez półdziurek,  można grać także  w G, Em, Bm. Pozostałe tonacje (patrz tablica poniżej) wymagają nieco wprawy ale nie jest to niemożliwe.

Jako osoba grywająca regularnie z wokalistami, muszę być przygotowany na każda ewentualność dlatego z poniższej tablicy mam prawie pełny zestaw (nie mam F# i G#) ale jak widać z tej tablicy dysponuję możliwością zagrania praktycznie w każdej tonacji. Standardowe moje wyposażenie na sesje to komplecik whistle’s oraz aplikacja na telefon: Song Key Finder :).

Erik the Flutemaker – Selling Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Pennywhistles, Bamboo Saxes and Side-Blown Flutes

FlutesFlutes go way back. You can find in Genisis 4:21 that Jubal was the father of the harp and the pipe (`uwgab) translated at times as a flute, reed-pipe, or panpipes.Starting out? The secret to flute playing is not to try hard. But to relax into it. When we try too hard we can become a master of repeated mistakes. On the side-blown flute, forget the fingers for a bit and start holding the flute around the mouthpiece. Press the flute against your lower relaxed grin, roll the flute a bit and spit watermelon seeds across the hole to get sound. Press and roll to find the sweet spot for best sound. Blow across the mouthpiece not into it. Don’t pucker, it will make you dizzy. You can look in mirror to make sure you have a grin-line not a hole from a pucker.

Źródło: Erik the Flutemaker – Selling Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Pennywhistles, Bamboo Saxes and Side-Blown Flutes